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Training Services

We specialise in laying the correct foundations and tailoring MYOB to your exact business needs.

Our aim is to help small business operators to control their financial information. To set up easy to use systems to help with the day to day operations and to provide timely and meaningful management information while also satisfying the requirements of your taxation accountant.

We take the view that your accounting package should not be a chore to be done solely for tax purposes, but should be an enjoyable experience that provides you with the tools to have financial control of your business at the touch of a button. Let the computer take control of the numbers and you are left to run your business with the skills specific to your industry.

We show you how you can manage your finances, check the accuracy of the information without becoming an accountant. We can do this by providing the following services.



On Site Training

We offer on site training incorporating setup procedures to match your specific needs. MYOB is a very user friendly program but the initial setup is a very important aspect and if not done correctly could cause problems later on. Also, it is a once only procedure and your time is more valuable understanding the on-going daily procedures of the system.

With experience in many areas of the small business sector, we listen to your requirements and match the setup and the training to match those needs. This saves you time and you are up and running more quickly and smoothly.

We recommend sessions of no more than 3-4 hours allowing you to digest the information and still run your business. After the initial consultation, support is just a phone call away.

Unlike training courses that give a broad overview of MYOB, we work with your information and you learn MYOB according to your specific needs.


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