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Frequently Asked Questions

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This section of our site will gradually grow over time as more users require help & guidance in getting the most out of their RentaLink product investment. If you require more assistance for the information that you seek, please post a message in the discussions group under the relevant heading.



Creating and Saving Your Own Queries and Reports

Required Skill Level :

Moderate knowledge of Access ’97 queries & reports. Understand concept of linked tables. No programming knowledge required.

As you become more familiar with RentaLink, it is likely that you will want to generate your own reports from the valuable information that is building up in your database. Several users are already building a library of reports which they have generated themselves and which provide information specific to their franchise. However, there is a potential problem in that if you store these queries and reports in the default system database (avis_sys.mdb) and we send you an upgraded version of this file, obviously it will not contain your work and, unless you rename your old avis_sys.mdb or copy it to another location, your customised queries and reports will be lost, as the upgrade replaces the old version of avis_sys.mdb.

There are some simple methods that you can use to ensure that you do not lose any of your work when we send upgrades.

Method 1 (Preferred)

  1. Create an empty database, give it a unique name eg. MyReports.mdb and save it to any location on your hard drive.
  2. If you have created any queries or reports in avis_sys.mdb, import them into this new database, remembering to import any queries which may be the record source for reports. (We are only referring to queries and reports in this article but the same applies to any other system objects that you may have created – forms, macros, etc.)
  3. Link any tables that are referenced in your queries and reports. These tables are found in your avis_dat.mdb and can be linked via the File>Get External Data>Link Tables options on the main Access menu or, if you have installed all of the Access add-ins, you can use the Linked Tables Manager from the Tools> Add-ins option.

Once all the tables are linked, you can test your queries and reports to ensure that they all work. You do not have to do anything to this mdb prior to upgrades as all of your work is stored in a totally separate Access database and simply uses linked data from avis_dat.mdb.

Method 2:

This method is not quite as safe as Method 1 but will work OK if you are careful!!

  1. Create your queries, reports, etc in avis_sys.mdb.
  2. Prior to installing any upgrades that we send you, make at least one copy of your current avis_sys.mdb, preferrably in a different folder.
  3. Install your new upgrade.
  4. Import your customised queries, reports, etc from your original avis_sys.mdb.
  5. Test that all your tables are still linked correctly to the new avis_sys.mdb.


It is important that you understand the concept of linked tables and if you are unsure, you should read the section of your Access manual on this topic. You MUST NOT import any tables (except those that you may have created for your own purpose) into the new database. For your queries and reports to work and display the most recent data, you MUST link to the tables in avis_dat.mdb. You MUST NOT make ANY changes to the structure of any of the tables used by RentaLink.

As always, it is VITAL that you make regular backups of both your avis_sys.mdb and especially your avis_dat.mdb, since it contains all of your imported data.


What does that message mean and how can I do this?


Q: Jobs come through as individual vehicles, how can they be grouped eg by vehicle class or depot?

A: The way jobs are linked is RentaLink looks at the MVA number on the RA (the registration number does not come through on the RA), then goes to the vehicle details and picks up the last 5 characters of the registration number. If you want this linking to be different, after printing out the Vehicle Installation Form, you will need to "move" to another field on this screen eg Status – if this is not being used. Make this consistent for all your vehicles so you can still search by registration number, but not in the registration number field. The registration number field is now blank and you can enter the job code you would like to go to MYOB. The code will need to be set up in MYOB exactly the same.

Future Release: We may add another field in a later version to eliminate this need to manipulate the data.



Q: "3421 – Data type conversion error". Why does this message come up during the import from Wizard?

A: RentaLink has been "told" to expect a certain thing in the relevant fields eg text, numeric, currency. If these fields are not found or a different type has been located on the import, RentaLink will report an error message. In the last file we checked this was due to the fact that an RA had been cancelled so various fields were blank eg MVA number. There was nothing wrong with the file but RentaLink was just reporting that it was missing some important information, which will generally be the cash.

Future Release: Changes will include a report advising which RA’s reported the error so you can view to make sure all is in order before exporting to MYOB.


Q: "Error with File Name". Since upgrading to V2 there is a warning about the file name although the information imports in full. Why has this suddenly occurred?

A: To enable searching RA’s specific to a weekly file, we now include the file name on each RA. We have allowed a substantial field size in this area so this did not cause the error. After some investigation we discovered the Wizard files were being stored and imported from the directory "My Documents". RentaLink did not like the space between the words. Moving the files to a different directory and the import was fine.



Q: Warning 250: Invalid or blank Payment is Due; default is substituted – Why has this message appeared after upgrading to V9 or Premier.

A: MYOB has changed the way it imports invoices, now including the due date. As the message advised, it will just pick up the customers default terms, and it is just advising you of this. We will be requesting in future that you check with us before upgrading to other version of MYOB as we will need to check it first. We have no control over MYOB’s programming.

Future Release: Our suggestion would be to put the checkin date as the due date to prevent this message appearing, assuming COD terms. The problem with this is that if any of your customers have different terms then you would need to change them manually.

Q: "XXX records imported with warnings" how can we eliminate this message in regard to Jobs?

A: If you do not wish to import the jobs into MYOB, rather than have this message come up every time, we suggest that when you import the file from RentaLink, after you have clicked on “Match All” arrow down on the right hand side to the job field and delete the job number in italics. Now MYOB will not be looking for a job.



Q: I don’t want all my vehicle classes reported separately in MYOB, can I minimise the number of items that come through from RentaLink into MYOB?

A: Yes, you can bring all your Time & Kms through on one item. You will need to set that up in RentaLink under Maintain Make/Model Details and change the MYOB Item Code field to the one item number. This will need to be set up in MYOB exactly the same. You can not change the miscellaneous fields as this is specified in the programming of RentaLink eg PAP. PEP, Misc, Petrol etc. but the items in MYOB can all be linked to the one general ledger number if preferred.


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