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Installation Instructions download trial software

After installation, you can start RentaLink by opening Microsoft Access and selecting the RLnkDemo.mde in the folder in which it was installed (by default, this is C:\RentaLink). Alternatively, you can open Windows Explorer and double-click on the above file name. To save time in the future, you can create a shortcut on your Desktop, pointing to the above file. download trial softwareDownload Trial Software Now!



Additional Information or questions.

We have included a condensed version of the manual, which is in the file called "Demo pp1.ppt". This is a Powerpoint file (mainly because it is much smaller than the full Word document). If you cannot open this file in Powerpoint, please contact us and we will fax or email a Word version.
The printout of this document displays the screen shots better than the on-screen view, so we suggest that you print the document in full.

The installation process also copies a file called Demo.txt, which is a sample of the data that is imported from Wizard. This is real data from one of our users and we have added some "dummy" vehicles to match the MVA numbers. We have only entered basic vehicle information and you can change or add to this information to enhance the reports.

Follow the instructions on importing data and select this file to import (see Page 3).

If you have any problems running the program, please call John Crout on (07) 5535 8343, mobile 0417 648 345 or email



Purchasing RentaLink & MYOB Software

For our full pricing on RentaLink, MYOB software, training and on-site support go here.



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